About Medgate

Medgate provides easy access to medical care of the highest quality anytime, anywhere.

Thanks to the network of telemedicine and medical centers as well as external specialists and primary care staff, Medgate guarantees comprehensive and effective care for its patients.

Facts and figures


Medgate founded


Medgate Telemedicine Center opens


Medgate Partner Network founded


The first Medgate Health Center opens


Medgate International starts operations



We employ a total of around 320 people, 100 of which are physicians

Medgate Telemedicine Center
  • Europe's largest Telemedicine Center operated by physicians
  • Leading provider of telemedical services in Switzerland
  • Up to 5000 patient contacts per day
  • Around 6.6 million teleconsultations since starting in 2000
Medgate Health Centers

2 locations in Solothurn and Zurich Oerlikon

Mission statement

Our vision:

Medgate is Switzerland's leading provider of integrated healthcare.

Our mission

Medgate provides rapid access to a comprehensive, high-quality but affordable medical service that helps people of all ages to feel confident and well protected anywhere in Switzerland.

Our Values

Collaborative medicine

We are committed to a collaborative approach in medicine. We regard our efforts to provide medical care for our patients not just as our own service, but as the interaction of several cooperating service partners.

High patient satisfaction

We are committed to ensuring that our patients are completely satisfied with the services that we offer. We always focus on the needs of our patients and a positive experience for them. We therefore try to provide solutions for all the problems of our patients.

Proven efficacy and cost-effectiveness

We make sure that our patients receive optimal care based on an integrated treatment plan. We assist our patients throughout their whole course of treatment, so that we can guarantee the best and most effective care. Our comprehensive care gives you proven, sustainable cost savings as well as our high quality of treatment.

High quality treatment

We provide the best medical services from a single source. The quality of our services conforms to the highest medical standards and is reviewed regularly.

24/7 availability and mobility

We are accessible for our patients around the clock and around the world. Access to Medgate’s medical services is easy and straightforward.

We offer our patients mobile access to Medgate’s services whenever possible.

Guaranteed healthcare

With our Medgate Telemedicine Center, Medgate Health Centers and the Medgate Partner Network, our patients can be confident of obtaining effective health care anywhere in Switzerland. Our patients always have access to a service provider appropriate for them and their problems.

Privacy and data protection

We ensure the protection and confidentiality of your data. All our staff are required to maintain the privacy of patients and the confidentiality of their data.

Employees who enjoy their work

It is very important to us that our staff enjoy their work, and so we offer our employees flexible and engaging work and support them according to their individual needs. We attach great importance to respectful interactions with one another. We are open and honest about errors, because we learn from our mistakes and improve as a result.

Competitive positioning in the healthcare system

Medgate supports a liberal and competitive healthcare system that provides opportunities for the development of innovative ideas and services for the patient’s benefit. We therefore maintain a consistent focus on patient needs and market requirements. We support fair competition, which stimulates us to provide outstanding services.

Management Team

  • Dr. med. Andy Fischer, Chief Executive Officer, Managing Partner
  • Lorenz Fitzi, Chief Financial Officer, Managing Partner 
  • Cédric Berset, Director Marketing, Communications & Sales
  • Dr. Anthony Dyson, Chief Information Officer
  • Dr. med. Philipp Füglistaler EMBA, Corporate Chief Medical Officer
  • Nathan Keiser, Director Medgate Health Centers
  • Anja Nusser, Director Human Resources
  • Werner Wittich, Director Telemedicine Center

Board of directors

  • Lorenz Fitzi, President
  • Dr. med. Andy Fischer, Member of the Board
  • André Möri, Member of the Board 
  • Martin Vögeli, Member of the Board 
  • Antoine Hubert, Member of the Board
  • Prof. Dr. Robert Leu, Member of the Board