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Telmed model with artificial intelligence

Medgate is your best contact for all your medical concerns. Learn how the telemedicine model with artificial intelligence works.

This is how it works


Consult the Medgate App and receive a recommendation

Open the Medgate App and enter your symptoms. You’ll receive a recommendation as to whether telemedical treatment by a Medgate doctor or treatment by your family doctor is best for your concern.


Teleconsultation over the phone or with a video link

If a teleconsultation was recommended for you, a Medgate doctor will contact you at the agreed time and will give you competent treatment by phone or video. If medically appropriate, Medgate doctors can also issue a prescription for a medication, a medical certificate or a prescription.


View and adjust your treatment plan

After consulting Medgate, you will receive your personalized treatment plan directly on the app. If you are referred by a treating physician or if the treatment takes longer, you can easily adjust your treatment plan in the Medgate App.

Download instructions

And this is how it works in a Flexmed model:

Download instructions for the Flexmed model

Your benefits

  • Direct recommendation as to whether a teleconsultation or a visit to the family doctor is the best choice
  • Fast and easy way to get the best treatment
  • Reduction of unnecessary consultations with a doctor
  • Save on health costs with attractive premium discounts

Experience the Medgate App

With the Medgate App, your doctor is always in easy reach. Experience a digital visit to doctor in this video (German):

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How does artificial intelligence work in the Medgate App?

The Medgate App will use artificial intelligence to ask you automatically about your symptoms. It then tells you whether your best option is a teleconsultation with a doctor from Medgate or a visit to your family doctor.

How does artificial intelligence recommend contacting the telemedicine doctor or visiting my family doctor?

Artificial Intelligence compares your symptoms and statements with data from similar cases in recent years, and analyzes how Medgate was best able to help patients in these cases. Thanks to artificial intelligence, Medgate can use this well-founded experience to assess whether a teleconsultation or a visit to your family doctor is best to address your concerns.

What are the advantages of using artificial intelligence?

With artificial intelligence, Medgate can tell you in advance whether the doctor can help you by phone or video while you relax at home, or if you need to visit the doctor’s practice. This saves costs and reduces duplication. Telemedicine has its limits, and not all cases can be treated at a distance. In such cases, visiting a local doctor is the better alternative. So in these cases, you are advised to go directly to general practitioner without consulting a Medgate doctor.

Can I trust a medical recommendation made with artificial intelligence?

Yes, you can trust such a recommendation. The Medgate App has received CE certification as a medical device. Such a certification also requires that the safety of the product is initially guaranteed and regularly monitored. Artificial intelligence at Medgate is based on many years of experience and over 800,000 actual medical cases. In addition, it has received a successful clinical evaluation. If you have any doubts or feel that you need medical help fast, you can always call Medgate over the phone.

How does the use of artificial intelligence change an alternative insurance model?

In an alternative insurance model with artificial intelligence, you can consult the Medgate App first. The Medgate App uses artificial intelligence to ask you automatically about your symptoms. It then tells you whether your best option is a teleconsultation with a doctor from Medgate or a visit to your family doctor. If Medgate recommends a visit to your family doctor, you can enter his/her name in the treatment plan with the app and then visit him/her directly, without needing a previous teleconsultation with Medgate.

If Medgate’s app recommends a visit to the family doctor, can I visit him/her directly?

Yes, in this case you can make an appointment directly with your family doctor. If you are insured in an alternative insurance model, all you need to do is to register your doctor for treatment in the app. You will be asked to do this in the app after receiving the recommendation.

Can artificial intelligence replace a doctor?

Artificial intelligence is not a replacement for a doctor. It assists in the decision-making process before the doctor's visit, and helps to ensure that patients automatically reach the right place (teleconsultation or visit to the family doctor). This will help Medgate to manage its doctors even more efficiently, and only use them where they are needed. Telemedicine is a useful addition to the range of medical resources. With many health concerns, Medgate's resources mean that an additional visit to the doctor is not necessary.

Is the Medgate App secure? Are my medical data protected?

During the development of the Medgate App, we were particularly careful to ensure that the app complies with current regulations for data protection. All data are encrypted and protected during transmission. Data in the app are also password protected against third party access. The user must identify himself with an ID and insurance card in order to use all the app’s features. In addition, the Medgate App has received CE certification as a medical device.

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