Digital consultation

No matter where you are – our doctors are there for you night and day in the Medgate Tele Clinic by telephone or video.

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Book a video consultation with the Medgate App. Then talk to your doctor – live and face to face.


Make an appointment at any time, day or night, and a doctor will contact you right away – or whenever it suits you best.


Benefit from the experience of our doctors in various specialties and their broad range of expertise.

We’ll look after you.


You can make an appointment with a Medgate doctor at any time, day or night. Benefit from our 19 years of experience and access to one of the largest medical networks in Switzerland.


Make an appointment

Book an appointment with the Medgate App for a medical consultation over the phone or with a video link – or just call our Patient Reception:

0844 844 911


Speak to a doctor

An experienced doctor will contact you on the agreed date and time, discuss your concern with you and give you expert treatment.


See your treatment plan

We send your digital treatment plan directly to your Medgate App or to your email address. That will give you all the information about your recommended treatment.

How can we help you?

We send prescriptions for medication directly to your pharmacy.
Medical certificate
Our doctors can also certify that you cannot attend your workplace.
With a referral letter, you’ll receive an appointment with the specialist within a reasonable time.
Image evaluation
Photos of affected areas help our doctors to reach a diagnosis.
Advice on vaccinations and travel
We can advise you on vaccinations and travel on behalf of the Federal Office of Public Health.

Who can take advantage of this offer?

Many Swiss health insurers rely on Medgate's extensive experience. Our partners offer their customers our services in various insurance models. In the Telmed models, Medgate is your first contact for any health concerns. We not only assist you around the clock, but you also benefit from a premium discount from your health insurer. Isn’t your health insurer a Medgate partner? Then become a Medgate Member.

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What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is medicine at a distance. The doctor and the patient don’t sit face to face, but are connected by the phone, the Internet or a video link. With precise questions and trained listening, the Medgate doctor makes an initial diagnosis and (together with you) determines a suitable treatment. State-of-the-art software supports the telemedicine doctor in making a provisional diagnosis and ensures the quality of treatment. Photos taken with a digital camera or a mobile phone may help the doctor to make a diagnosis.

Is telemedicine safe?

Yes. All our doctors have several years of clinical experience, are specially trained in telemedicine and undergo an annual examination. The telemedicine doctors are supported in their work by state-of-the-art information and communications technology.

When and from where can I call Medgate?

Teleconsultations with a Medgate doctor are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – also from countries outside Switzerland.

Can the Medgate doctor issue a medical certificate?

If medically appropriate, the Medgate doctor can issue a medical certificate after a telephone consultation. Medical certificates are issued at the discretion of the doctor and are subject to strict guidelines. The guidelines for the issue of a medical certificate can be found here.