Medgate App. Easy, fast, secure.

With the Medgate App, your doctor is there for you at any time of day or night. Find out if a teleconsultation is appropriate for your health concern and book a consultation with one of our doctors by phone or video.

Video consultation

With the Medgate App, you can talk to a doctor by video as well as on the phone. So you can talk privately with your doctor, face to face. In some cases, the video connection gives our doctors an even better idea of your health.

Experience the Medgate App

With the Medgate App, your doctor is always in easy reach. Experience a digital visit to doctor in this video (German):


Medgate’s app has many helpful and user-friendly functions.

Teleconsultation or family doctor visit?

With the aid of artificial intelligence, Medgate can tell you directly in the App whether the doctor can help you by phone or video in the comfort of your own home, or if you need to make a visit to the doctor. This can save you time and money. Just enter your symptoms and you’ll receive a recommendation as to whether telemedical treatment by Medgate's doctors or treatment by your family doctor is best for you.

Booking an appointment

It’s easy to book your medical consultation with the app – up to 48 hours in advance. You’ll be shown the next available appointment automatically. Once you’ve made the appointment, you don’t need to do anything else: the doctor will contact you at the arranged time and date.

Upload documents

With the Medgate App, you can send your doctor additional documents when you make an appointment. Just upload photos, videos or sound recordings and send them to us securely when you book your appointment.

Treatment plan

After the medical consultation, you’ll receive your personal and private treatment plan on the Medgate App. This will give you all the information on your recommended treatment. As someone insured with a Telmed model, you can also update your treatment plan with the app.

Favorite doctor

Were you particularly satisfied with the treatment you received from one of our doctors? Would you like to be advised by this doctor again in future? No problem with the Medgate App. You can add your favorite doctors to a personal list and select one for your next consultation.

For people insured with the Telmed model


The app helps you to manage all the features of your insurance plan. With the digital treatment plan, you have a practical overview of all your treatments, your doctors and the treatment duration. You can easily update your treatment plan with the app – for example, if you’re referred to another doctor or the duration of your treatment is extended.

  • Online appointment booking
  • Overview of all treatments
  • Digital update of treatment plans

Medgate App

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Medgate can also be contacted with the Medgate App. How does it work? What are the benefits for the patient?

With the Medgate App, patients can book an appointment online for a telemedicine consultation with a doctor quickly and easily. You can do this up to 48 hours in advance and without a previous call. This makes the waiting time shorter for patients. Photos for medical assessment can also be uploaded directly via the app, and after the teleconsultation the patient receives a digital treatment plan that can be accessed with the app. This contains all the information about the recommended treatment and any medical appointments booked with Medgate. You can also use the app to change your treatment plan online – for example, with regard to referrals or a longer period of treatment.

Why is Medgate launching the app?

As an innovative company, Medgate supports the use of digital options. The app provides direct access to Medgate’s reliable services as well as additional features. The app makes it even quicker and easier for the patient to access Medgate’s services.

Why video consultations?

Medical care is more personal with video. Video consultations also make it easier for our doctors to diagnose certain medical conditions.

Does the app replace the phone?

You can still contact Medgate by phone if you wish. The app is intended to make access to Medgate easier and improve the patient’s experience with simpler and more efficient procedures.

Is the Medgate App secure? Are the data protected?

During the development of the new Medgate App, we were careful to ensure that the app complies with current regulations for data protection. All data are encrypted and protected during transmission. The data in the app are also password protected against third party access. And the user must identify himself with his ID and insurance card in order to use all the app’s features.