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When you work for Medgate as a telemedicine practitioner, you can be there wherever your patients need you – around the clock and on a very flexible part-time or full-time basis. Whether you work in the Medgate Tele Clinic or directly from home. Questions? We are happy to inform you about your individual opportunities.



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What makes working for Medgate so special?

Help to shape the future of digital health and healthcare. As a telemedicine practitioner, you use modern technology in a supportive way and can concentrate entirely on advising and treating your patients.

As a doctor in a home office

Emina Sokocevic (46) works for Medgate as a doctor in her home office. This internist gives us an insight into her fascinating and variety-rich profession.

Correct classification of symptoms

Equipped with a headset, Emina Sokocevic sits in her home office in front of a computer. She is noting down the symptoms of illness experienced by the patient caller. An elderly man has called Medgate because his eyes are red and itchy. A member of the patient reception staff has already asked him to send pictures of his eyes via email or the app. Based on the picture and the described complaints, it now quickly becomes clear to Sokocevic that the patient has conjunctivitis. The experienced doctor writes a prescription for anti-inflammatory medication and faxes it directly to the pharmacy nearest the patient. A certificate of incapacity for work could also be issued if required, but that is not necessary in this case. After the teleconsultation, and with the patient's consent, she sends the entire treatment plan to the patient via email, along with instructions on how to take the medication correctly. After a few days, the doctor will call him once again to check whether the symptoms have abated, or whether the therapy has to be adjusted.

Every call is different

"There are also cases that are more complicated though," says Sokocevic. "For example, when someone with potential pneumonia, shortness of breath or chest pains calls." It is then more difficult to treat the patient remotely and she refers them to a specialist. "Sometimes, patients simply call for a second opinion," Sokocevic adds. The work is highly diverse and encompasses syndromes from all areas of medicine, involving both adults and children. She also finds it linguistically very interesting and enriching, as patients who speak foreign languages also call. With each call, her task is to purposefully gain an understanding of the situation and to act accordingly.

Breaking new ground

Emina Sokocevic studied medicine in Munich and spent many years working as an emergency doctor in various accident and emergency, and intensive care units. Sokocevic started working for Medgate one year ago. "It was a big change for me at first, no longer having the patients in front of me physically," says Sokocevic. "It makes me happy to also be able to help patients over the phone, and to actually save some lives, even without direct contact."

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This is what our doctors say:

Interactions among Medgate’s employees are very collegial and pleasant, really friendly. The concerns of doctors regarding working hours, holidays and further education are taken into account to a great extent. Medgate takes feedback regarding the optimization of work processes seriously and ensures that it is implemented. The internal further education courses are very informative and helpful.

Sebastian Schwarzbach, Doctor Medgate Tele Clinic

edgate employees are trustworthy and respectful. At the same time, the contribution made by every employee is highly valued.

Dr. med. Julia Grüninger-Endres, Doctor Medgate Tele Clinic

At Medgate, doctors work in a wide variety of areas and with a wide range of skills. This diversity distinguishes the team and ensures that the day’s work is varied. The opportunity to work in the office as well as at home makes Medgate a great employer.

Dr. med. Celia von Gossler, Medical Director Medgate Tele Clinic

I’m happy that I can help patients over the phone and that I could save some lives, even without direct contact.

Emina Sokocevic, a Medgate Tele Clinic doctor who works at her home office (read report)