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Medgate Partner Network – integrated collaboration

Switzerland-wide referral network

The Medgate Partner Network is a foundation established by Medgate that allows medical care providers to network with Medgate. The foundation is based on the concept of interdisciplinary integrated care. The Medgate Partner Network is a nationwide referral network.

I’m a healthcare provider – how do I become a member?

The Medgate Partner Network is open to primary care providers and specialists, hospitals and clinics as well as pharmacies throughout Switzerland. Order the registration documents now:

Contact form

We are happy to accept applications from other service providers to join our partner network. Please use the contact form if you wish to apply.

We would be glad to answer any questions:
061 377 88 28

These are the benefits for patients

The partner network offers our patients many advantages, such as fast appointments as well as seamless and high quality healthcare from our partners. We use telemedicine technology to advise our patients at 0844 844 911, and then recommend a doctor near them from the Medgate Partner Network.

There is now an even closer collaboration with some medical centers in the area of alternative insurance models. You can find more information about this collaboration here.

These are the benefits for healthcare providers

  • Preference for referrals by Medgate
  • Listing as a Medgate partner in our publicly accessible directory of service providers
  • Notification by email for each referral by Medgate
  • You will receive information twice a year about the number of Medgate referrals
  • Membership of Switzerland's largest network of service providers is free
  • Exclusive offer from OneDoc, the leading provider of online medical appointment booking

Some of our members

The Medgate Partner Network now has over 2500 members.