24/7 medical treatment

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Hotlines and emergency telephone services

Rapid assistance over the emergency telephones

Medgate Emergency gives you access to our doctors as quickly as possible in case of a medical emergency. In addition, we operate a medical emergency telephone service on behalf of clinics, medical associations and cantons, thus relieving and supporting numerous institutions.

Medgate Emergency

In urgent medical cases, you can reach our emergency team by calling Medgate’s emergency number, 0800 888 333.

Emergency call

In a life-threatening situation, please call 144 directly.

Kids Line for emergencies in children and adolescents

Medgate offers this service in collaboration with various children's hospitals. If your child is not feeling well, our medical team will be able to provide fast and straightforward medical advice via the Medgate App or the following phone numbers:

Call from landline and mobile subscription (only available in German)

0900 11 44 11 (CHF 3.23 per minute)

Call Kids Line


Call from business line
0800 44 43 33 (billing via health insurance)

Medgate App

Be prepared for the next emergency and download the Medgate App for free from the store. That way you have everything at hand in case of an emergency.