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Flu? Cough? Skin rash? We can help you. Our experienced doctors are there for you and your family around the clock, 365 days a year. No matter where you are - at home, in the office or on vacation. With the Medgate App you save time and money.

How it works


Consulting the Medgate App

Enter your symptoms into the Medgate App and you will receive a recommendation as to whether treatment by Medgate doctors by phone or, video or a visit to your family doctor would be best for your concern.


Making an appointment

Book an appointment for a consultation with a doctor by phone or video – up to 48 hours in advance, even in the middle of the night or on a weekend.


Treatment by phone or video

Our experienced doctors will contact you punctually at the chosen time and will give you expert advice and treatment.

Our services

Prescription for medication

We send prescriptions for medication directly to your pharmacy.

Sick leave certificate

Our doctors can certify that you are unable to attend your workplace if necessary.

Image evaluation

Photos of affected areas help our doctors to reach a diagnosis.

Treatment plan

After the consultation, you can find all the information about the recommended treatment in the Medgate App.


You’ll receive an appointment with the specialist quickly with a referral letter.

Prescription for physiotherapy

We can issue you with a prescription for physiotherapy if necessary.

Advice on vaccinations and travel

We can advise you on vaccinations and travel on behalf of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health.

Quick and expert treatment thanks to telemedicine and Digital Health

The Medgate App gives you quick and easy access to expert medical help. Experience a digital visit to the doctor with the video.


The consultation is billed as part of the statutory benefits by the health insurance company (just like a visit to the doctor) and is recognized by all Swiss health insurers.
A teleconsultation costs an average of CHF 50.00.

In addition, some insurance models of our health insurance partners do not even incur any franchise or deductible costs.

In safe hands


Years of experience


Experienced doctors


Recognized by all Swiss health insurers


Patient satisfaction

Our doctors

At Medgate you will be advised and treated by experienced doctors from various disciplines. All our doctors are specially trained in telemedicine and take time for personal and expert care.

At Medgate, there are doctors of all ages with a wide range of expertise in many specialties. This diversity is very valuable, and our patients really benefit from their knowledge and experience.

Dr. med. Celia from Gossler, Medical Director Medgate Tele Clinic

Telemedicine is ideal for people who find it difficult to visit a doctor's practice for professional, personal or other reasons. As a telemedicine doctor, my job is not just to listen to the patient, but to see him and his concerns as a whole - even if I can only do so over the phone.

Dr. med. Julia Grüninger-Endres, Medgate Tele Clinic doctor

Telemedicine offers patients a wide range of consultation services in all medical matters – both in emergencies and in numerous less urgent health issues. The treatment is also prompt, available around the clock and almost anywhere in the world.

Sebastian Schwarzbach, Medgate Tele Clinic doctor

Satisfied patients

Your satisfaction is important to us. That's why we're proud to say that 95% of our patients are satisfied with our services.

«Medgate has spared me a trip to the doctor on several occasions – as a mother of two daughters this is a tremendous relief.»

Family Dacherl

«I received very competent advice without a long wait. Thank you very much for your great support – I’m really impressed by Medgate.»

lsabelle Wermelinger

«My consultation at Medgate was competent and friendly, and I felt that I was taken seriously. Thank you for your commitment!»

Daniel Brechbühl

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We’re here for you all year round, day and night. No matter where you are, more than 100 of our experienced doctors can look after you. Get the doctor to come to you!

Current events

Experience the Medgate App

With the Medgate App, your doctor is always in easy reach. Experience a digital visit to doctor in this video (German):

Watch the video

Flu vaccination without an appointment

You can be vaccinated against the flu from October onwards at the Medgate Mini Clinic in Basel.

Further information

Extended opening hours

The Medgate Mini Clinic team in Basel is now available for you until 6 pm on Saturdays.

Further information

New service in Fribourg

From December 2019, Medgate will take over the telephone emergency service of the Saanebezirk (Sarine District) during the night.

Further information

New service for Biel

From September 2019, Medgate will take over the night-time pediatric emergency phone service in the Biel area.

Further information

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