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Request for prescription

Our team of doctors will issue a prescription for your desired medication in case of medical need. This way you can obtain your medication quickly and easily.

Request for prescription

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Request for prescription

Book a medical appointment and specify the desired medication at the same time. Our medical team will then discuss the medication request with you and (if medically appropriate) issue the prescription for it.

Follow-up prescription necessary?

Would you like to extend a prescription or need a repeat medication? For selected groups of medication, you can request a prescription renewal in the Medgate app using the form. You will receive a response from our team of doctors within 24 hours.

It’s as simple as this:


Request for prescription

Specify your desired medication in the app or take a photo of the package.

Request for prescription


Assessment by the medical team

The prescription request is processed either by a telephone consultation with the doctor or with a review of the written request by our team of doctors.


Obtain medication

If medically appropriate, the doctor will prescribe the medication and send the prescription either by mail to you or to the pharmacy of your choice in your area. This way, you can obtain your medication promptly.

Settlement via your health insurance

The consultation is billed by the health insurance company within the scope of the statutory benefits (analogous to a visit to a doctor's office) and is recognized by all Swiss health insurers.

In certain insurance models with our partner health insurers, there are no costs such as franchises or deductibles.

Prescription request

Everything in one place with the Medgate App

Did you know that you can book your doctor's appointment yourself with the Medgate app?
Your advantages:

  • Booking appointments: benefit from short-term availability
  • Get your treatment plan and other documents via the app
  • Chat directly with Medgate's medical team
  • Record your favorite doctors
  • Connect wearables and share health information with the medical team
  • Symptom checker with artificial intelligence
  • Receive appointment reminders and health recommendations

With the Medgate app, you are always prepared in an emergency. Download the app now for free.