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Medgate is a pioneer in telemedicine and has 23 years of experience in digitally advising and treating patients. Thanks to our competent team of doctors, you always have a contact person for all your health questions, wherever you are.
Telemedicine is trending
The telemedicine model is becoming increasingly popular in Switzerland due to its numerous advantages such as shorter waiting times and lower insurance premiums. More and more insured individuals are opting for the so-called Telmed model and choose to receive quick and uncomplicated telephone advice when they are ill. It appears that telemedicine meets the needs and lifestyles of many Swiss people.

Personal and comprehensive medical consultation and treatment

Medgate offers personal and comprehensive medical consultation and treatment through the app, by phone, or via video. Our experienced doctors take time for individual concerns and can conclusively treat about half of all cases. As a patient, with Medgate, you have quick and easy access to medical care regardless of your location, 24 hours a day, even in non-life-threatening emergencies. In cases where conclusive treatment is not possible, Medgate has the Medgate Partner Network, a nationwide network of primary care providers, specialists, clinics, pharmacies, chiropractors, and therapists, ensuring rapid appointment scheduling and seamless care.

How a digital visit to the doctor works

High quality of consultation and treatment

All our specialists are specially trained for telemedicine practice and adhere to our established and verified medical guidelines. This ensures a high quality of telemedicine consultation and treatment.

Satisfied Patients

Your satisfaction is important to us. That's why we are proud that 95% of our patients are satisfied with our services, according to a recent survey. Respondents highlighted the quick response times, the convenience of receiving medical advice from home, and the quality of telemedicine care. This high satisfaction rate demonstrates that telemedicine consultations and treatments not only provide a cost-effective and efficient healthcare solution but also meet or exceed the needs and expectations of patients.

«Medgate has spared me a trip to the doctor on several occasions – as a mother of two daughters this is a tremendous relief.»

Familie Dacherl – Interview auf dem Medgate Blog

«I received very competent advice without a long wait. Thank you very much for your great support - I’m really impressed by Medgate.»

lsabelle Wermelinger

«My consultation at Medgate was competent and friendly, and I felt that I was taken seriously. Thank you for your commitment!»

Daniel Brechbühl

Alternative insurance models

Many Swiss health insurers rely on Medgate's many years of experience. Our partners offer our services to their customers in various insurance models. In the Telmed, Flexmed or Multiple Access models, Medgate is your first contact for health concerns. We not only assist you around the clock, but you also benefit from a premium discount from your health insurer.

Many health insurers have also integrated the use of artificial intelligence in the Medgate App in their alternative insurance models. You can find all the information here.

Our partners

Our doctors

At Medgate you will be advised and treated by experienced doctors of a variety of specialties. All our doctors are specially trained for telemedicine and take time for personal and competent care.

Telemedicine is ideal for people who find it difficult to visit a doctor's practice for professional, personal or other reasons. As a telemedicine doctor, my job is not just to listen to the patient, but to see him and his concerns as a whole - even if I can only do so over the phone.

Dr. med. Julia Grüninger-Endres, Doctor Medgate Tele Clinic

Telemedicine offers patients a wide range of consultation services in all medical matters – both in emergencies and in numerous less urgent health issues. The treatment is also prompt, available around the clock and almost anywhere in the world.

Sebastian Schwarzbach, Doctor Medgate Tele Clinic

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Frequently Asked Questions about Telemedicine

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is medical care provided at a distance. This means that the doctor and patient are not physically in the same location, but are connected via telephone, internet, or video. By asking precise questions and listening carefully, the Medgate doctor makes a preliminary diagnosis and collaborates with you to determine a suitable treatment plan. Advanced software supports the telemedicine doctor in making a preliminary diagnosis and ensures the quality of the treatment. In some cases, photos from a digital camera or mobile phone can also be helpful for diagnosis.

Is telemedicine safe?

Yes. All our doctors have several years of clinical experience, are specially trained in telemedicine and undergo an annual examination. The telemedicine doctors are supported in their work by state-of-the-art information and communications technology.

How does a telemedicine consultation proceed exactly?

Telemedicine at Medgate is simple and straightforward. If you have a medical concern, first contact Medgate by phone or through our Medgate app. A doctor will then conduct an initial assessment and evaluation with you. Our qualified team is available to you around the clock. Depending on the assessment by medical professionals, you will receive either a recommendation for self-treatment, an electronic prescription for necessary medications, or a referral to a specialist for further examinations or treatments. This process helps avoid unnecessary doctor visits while providing you with high-quality medical care. Telemedicine at Medgate is therefore an efficient and cost-effective solution for insured individuals who value easy and fast access to healthcare.

Can the Medgate doctor issue a medical certificate?

If medically appropriate, the Medgate doctor can issue a medical certificate after a telephone consultation. Medical certificates are issued at the discretion of the doctor and are subject to strict guidelines. The guidelines for the issue of a medical certificate can be found here.

When and from where can I call Medgate?

Teleconsultations with a Medgate doctor are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – also from countries outside Switzerland.

How much does a call to Medgate cost?

The consultation will be billed in the context of health insurance as part of the statutory benefits (analogous to a visit to a doctor's office) and is recognized by all Swiss health insurers. Teleconsultation costs are an average of CHF 50 during business hours on weekdays. Surcharges apply from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. at night as well as on weekends and holidays.

What does the Telmed model cost?

In the Telmed model, premiums can be significantly cheaper than in traditional insurance models. This is due to the efficient use of medical resources enabled by the Telmed model. By avoiding unnecessary doctor visits and digitizing medical consultations, costs can be saved, resulting in lower premiums for the insured. However, it is important to note that the exact premiums depend on various factors, including health insurance, the chosen model variant, and the individual conditions of the insured person. Therefore, it is always advisable to thoroughly inquire about the costs and conditions with your insurance company before choosing an insurance model.

How does the Telmed model work at Medgate?

In the Telmed model, as a patient, you first contact Medgate before visiting a doctor or receiving medical treatment. A team of competent doctors is available at Medgate 24/7 to assess patients' symptoms and provide appropriate medical advice. This may include recommendations for self-treatment, electronic prescriptions, or referrals to specialists. Thus, the Telmed model offers insured individuals a convenient, efficient, and cost-effective way to access healthcare, allowing patients to bypass a physical doctor visit when not strictly necessary, thereby reducing healthcare costs while maintaining quality medical care.

Which health insurance companies offer a Telmed model with Medgate in their basic insurance?

Several health insurance companies in Switzerland have recognized the potential of this innovative model and offer the Telmed model in their basic insurance coverage. These health insurance companies expand access to high-quality medical care and enable insured individuals to fully utilize the benefits of telemedicine. However, it is important to note that the availability of the Telmed model may vary depending on the health insurance company and insurance model. Therefore, it is recommended to inquire directly with your health insurance company about the models offered and the conditions.

Who is the Telmed model suitable for?

The telemedicine model meets various needs and expectations. Do you value cost-effective basic insurance? Is your access to physical health facilities inconvenient or restricted, possibly due to your residential location? Due to your life situation (work, family, limited mobility, digital lifestyle), do you desire simple and unrestricted access to healthcare services? If so, you should take a closer look at the telemedicine model. Through telephone or digital access to qualified healthcare professionals, physical doctor visits and hospital stays are reduced, leading to savings on premiums and healthcare costs. Premiums in the Telmed model are lower than in traditional insurance models, thereby relieving household budgets.