We bring our doctors to where you need them.

About us

Medgate is a growing, internationally active Swiss digital health company with 21 years of experience. In Switzerland, more than 320 motivated employees jointly pursue the goal of improving health care. Around 130 experienced doctors who are permanently employed by Medgate advise and treat patients around the clock via app, telephone, video and chat.

Since 2000 we have operated the Medgate Tele Clinic, the largest medical telemedicine center in Europe. The Medgate Mini Clinics as well as the specialists, primary care providers and clinics of the Medgate Partner Network are also available to our patients for on-site consultations.

Further information on the internationally active Medgate Group can be found here.


years of experience




permanently employed doctors


We are rethinking healthcare in order to give our patients easy access to affordable and excellent medical treatment wherever they are.

Our values


Our services are easily accessible, straightforward and understandable for our patients.


We focus on the wellbeing of our patients and communicating with them as individuals.


We offer optimal, cost-effective and solution-oriented medical treatment.

Dr. med. Andy Fischer CEO und Managing Partner Medgate

Management Team

  • Dr. med. Andy Fischer, Chief Executive Officer, Managing Partner
  • Lorenz Fitzi, Chief Financial Officer, Managing Partner
  • Cédric Berset, Director Marketing, Communications & Sales
  • Dr. Anthony Dyson, Chief Information Officer
  • Anja Nusser, Director Human Resources
  • Dr. med. Manuel Puntschuh, Director Medgate Mini Clinics
Lorenz Fitzi CFO und Managing Partner Medgate

Board of directors

  • Lorenz Fitzi, President
  • Dr. med. Andy Fischer, Member of the Board
  • André Möri, Member of the Board
  • Antoine Hubert, Member of the Board
  • Prof. Dr. Robert Leu, Member of the Board
  • Prof. Dr. med. Edouard Battegay, Member of the Board