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Are you worried about a skin problem? Get expert advice via the app: Quick and easy ad-hoc consultations with a dermatologist

  • We get back to you within 48 hours (weekdays)
  • Consultations with experienced dermatologists
  • Personal assessment, and recommendation of further medical services
Clarify skin problem

Our services are recognised by all Swiss health insurers. More information

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Expert advice and recommendations for skin disorders or skin alterations

Our team of experienced dermatologists provides you with individual and comprehensive advice for any kind of skin disorder:

  • Acne
  • Shingles
  • Athlete’s foot
  • Rashes
  • Erythema
  • Nail fungus
  • Neurodermatitis
  • Urticaria
  • Warts

Clarify skin problem

Follow three simple steps:


Download the Medgate app

Download the Medgate app free of charge and register.


Clarify skin problem

Go to «Services» in the app and click on «Clarify skin problem».


Fill in the questionnaire and upload pictures of the skin area you want checked

Fill in the questionnaire in the app, and upload your pictures; please allow for a maximum of 48 hours (weekdays) for a written diagnosis by a dermatologist in the app itself.

Your advantages

  • Feedback by a dermatologist within 48 hours (weekdays) via our chat
  • Prescriptions and their direct transfer to a pharmacy of your choice
  • If required: written referrals to a dermatologist near you
  • Post diagnosis: in-app recommendations for further treatment
  • Experienced doctors with a Swiss telemedicine license
  • Service in 4 languages: German, French, Italian, English
  • High degree of competence thanks to over 20 years of experience in telemedicine
  • Our services are recognised by all Swiss health insurers

Settlement via your health insurance

The consultation is billed via the health insurance company within the scope of the statutory benefits (analogous to a visit to a doctor's office) and is recognized by all Swiss health insurers.

In certain insurance models with our partner health insurers, there are no costs such as franchises or deductibles.


How much does this service cost?

Dermatological consultations amount to around 42 CHF. The consultation is billed via the health insurance company within the scope of the statutory benefits (analogous to a visit to a doctor's office) and is recognized by all Swiss health insurers.

Can all dermatological issues be treated via the app?

Our medical team carefully analyses the details provided by you in the medical questionnaire. If no definitive treatment is possible, we will be happy to refer you to a dermatologist near you.

Where can I redeem my prescription?

Should you have received a prescription from our Medgate medical team, we are happy to transfer it directly to a pharmacy of your choice, for you to conveniently pick up your medication.

Do I need to see to a doctor?

No, in the case of a skin disorder check request via the questionnaire, this will not be necessary, as our doctors carefully analyse the data from that questionnaire. Should you wish to have a telephone consultation, however, you can easily book a teleconsultation via our app.

Are my data safe?

To ensure the safety of your data, we use up-to-date encryption-based Internet security protocols (e.g. SSL) via HTTPS.

Everything in one place with the Medgate App

Did you know that you can also book your doctor's appointment yourself with the Medgate App?
Your advantages:

  • Booking appointments: benefit from short-term availability
  • Get your treatment plan and other documents via the App
  • Chat directly with Medgate’s medical team
  • Record your favorite doctors
  • Connect wearables and share health information with the medical team
  • Symptom checker with artificial intelligence
  • Receive appointment reminders and health recommendations

With the Medgate App, you are always prepared in case of an emergency. Download the App now for free.

Online consultations with a dermatologist

Your digital skin disorder check via our app, ad-hoc consultations from wherever you are in Switzerland.

Wherever you live – in Berne, Zurich, Basel, Fribourg, Winterthur, Lucerne, St. Gallen, Zug, Aarau, Solothurn, Baden, or in any other region in Switzerland – the online skin disorder check offers you swift and simple answers to all your skin concerns via our app.  

Our medical team will assist you with all your skin concerns (face and body) such as acne, neurodermatitis, urticaria, warts (e.g. water warts, and plantar warts), athlete’s foot, eczemas, abscesses, perioral dermatitis. Image analysis available.