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With the Medgate App you can get the doctor to come to you.

The digital doctor's visit for patients

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The Mini Clinic in Basel offers various coronavirus tests.

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Medgate App – Switzerland’s proven health platform

Our doctors are available around the clock 365 days a year for all insured persons in Switzerland. In the event of illness or an emergency, we will answer all your medical questions and give you expert advice and treatment.
Medical treatment by phone, video or chat
Check your symptoms with artificial intelligence
Emergency – speak to the emergency-team immediately
Medgate Kids Line -
quick help for your child
Get medicine, a doctor's certificate or a prescription
Connect wearables and health apps
Get a quick referral to a specialist
Submit photos for a medical report
Other functions

  • View your personal treatment plan
  • Manage your personal health file
  • Get expert advice on travel and vaccinations

How the digital doctor's visit works

In case of illness


Consulting the Medgate App

Enter your symptoms into the Medgate App and you will receive a recommendation as to whether treatment by Medgate doctors by phone or video or a visit to your family doctor would be best for your concern.


Making an appointment

Book an appointment for a consultation with a doctor by phone or video – up to 48 hours in advance, even in the middle of the night or on a weekend.


Treatment by phone or video

Our experienced doctors will contact you punctually at the chosen time and will give you expert advice and treatment.

In case of an emergency

Medgate App

In urgent medical cases, you can reach our emergency team immediately via the Medgate App using the emergency button or via the Medgate Kids Line function in the event of a children's emergency.

Phone number

If  you haven’t downloaded the Medgate App yet, you can contact us by phone in an emergency:

Medgate Kids Line: 0900 11 44 11

In a life-threatening situation, please call 144 directly.

Your advantages with Medgate

  • Expert treatment by one of our many experienced doctors, even in an emergency
  • Digital, simple and quick access 24/7
  • Highest quality, thanks to doctors trained in telemedicine, recognized medical guidelines and 21 years of experience
  • 95% patient satisfaction
  • Billing via your health insurance company
  • Cost and time savings (no travelling or waiting time on site)
  • If necessary, rapid referral to the largest medical network in Switzerland, including 3000 specialists, general practitioners, hospitals, physiotherapists, chiropractors, nutritionists and pharmacists

Our Swiss-wide network

Our doctors can often complete your treatment. But even if this is not possible and you need to consult a doctor in a hospital or elsewhere, we can still help you. The Medgate Partner Network is the largest network in Switzerland. It consists of over 2,800 specialists, family doctors, hospitals, physiotherapists, chiropractors, nutritionists and pharmacists. This guarantees that you’ll receive the treatment you need as quickly as possible.

Quick and expert treatment thanks to telemedicine and Digital Health

The Medgate App gives you quick and easy access to expert medical help. Experience a digital visit to the doctor with the video.


The consultation is billed as part of the statutory benefits by the health insurance company (just like a visit to the doctor) and is recognized by all Swiss health insurers.
A teleconsultation costs an average of CHF 50.00.

In addition, some insurance models of our health insurance partners do not even incur any franchise or deductible costs.

Latest news

Health data in the Medgate App

Connect your wearables and apps with the Medgate App for even better medical care.

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Cough diagnosis via app

As the first European partner of ResApp, Medgate is integrating the acute respiratory diagnostic test ResAppDx into the Medgate App in a pilot project.

Press release

Medgate nominated for the SVC Prize Northern Switzerland 2021

We are very pleased to have been nominated for the SVC Prize Northern Switzerland 2021.


Experience the Medgate App

With the Medgate App, your doctor is always in easy reach. Experience a digital visit to doctor in this video (German):

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Medgate nominated for Swiss Export Award

We are very pleased that Medgate has been nominated for the Export Award by Swiss Global Enterprise. Watch the video and learn more.

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Coronavirus information

Get answers to the most frequently answered questions here and determine whether you may have been infected with the coronavirus and what you should do.

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Best Global Telemedicine Provider 2020 announced Medgate as the winner of the award «Best Global Telemedicine Provider 2020».

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